How VAAXA’s Direct Security Services Can Benefit Your Business

Within the past decade (and especially the past year), the topic of cybersecurity has taken the world by storm. As individuals and businesses invest more time and money into their online practices and habits, the threats facing those practices have increased as well.

In the past year alone, cybercrime cost the global economy nearly one trillion dollars, and according to a CNBC report, “these incidents now cost businesses of all sizes $200,000 on average.”

What This Means for Your Business

The staggering statistics relating to cybercrime make one thing very clear: businesses need to invest more time, money, and energy into adopting and implementing better cybersecurity practices.

Staying secure against common threats like ransomware, phishing, malware, and the long list of virtual scams is now something that businesses must be proactive about, not reactive. Rather than responding to an attack after it happens, it’s now time to prevent these attacks from happening altogether.

Whether you’re trying to better your cybersecurity plan or simply reduce the risk of financial losses caused by cybercrime, now is the time to focus on keeping your company protected.

The Problem: Many Businesses Are Not Equipped to Handle the Growing Number of Security Threats

We can talk about the importance of cybersecurity all day, but there’s one major problem that comes along with this. Many businesses are not in a position to pour an infinite amount of resources into developing a well-rounded cybersecurity plan.

Another issue is that staying on top of security is demanding and tedious, and although it’s crucial, it can also take away from other crucial aspects of your business operations.

Even if your business is equipped and has the budget, time, and manpower to do it, you should be focusing on achieving your business’s big-picture goals and everyday tasks.

How VAAXA Can Help

VAAXA understands that many businesses are not equipped to prevent and respond to the growing number of cyber threats of today. And even if they are, giving cybersecurity the attention it deserves can ultimately take away from other important business practices.

This is why we have developed a way for businesses to prevent and respond to threats and attacks, while also focusing on business goals and growth. We do this by offering security services that are targeted at responding to and preventing common attacks, such as ransomware and phishing.

VAAXA’s Incident Response

The first measure VAAXA is taking to help businesses and government organizations stay secure is by offering incident response services.

For any type of incident, whether it be a virus, ransomware, or breach, our team of experts will follow industry best practices to manage the response and provide the best possible outcome to keep your business on track.

VAAXA’s Penetration Testing

Prevention is an important aspect of security, and our penetration testing is focused on preventing attacks by testing for weak points in a system.

In order to identify those weak points and remediate them, VAAXA offers both external and internal penetration testing as well as risk assessments. Depending on your business environment, these services include in-depth vulnerability assessments, manual penetration testing, phishing campaigns, and automated penetration testing.

Once a test or assessment is complete, we report all the findings back to the client as well as recommendations for improving points of weakness.

VAAXA’s vCISO Services

Many businesses can benefit from hiring a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), but hiring an in-house professional doesn’t always fit the budget.

The good news is that you can receive all the same benefits from a virtual CISO – vCISO for short – for a fraction of the cost.

VAAXA gives you the option to partner with a vCISO who will offer their time and insight on a continual part-time basis. The vCISO will address general security, policies, training, and compliance and also assume roles within the organization for compliance purposes if necessary.

Get Started With VAAXA’s Security Services Today!

In addition to incident response, penetration testing, and vCISO, VAAXA offers a wide range of security-focused services, including:

  • Cybersecurity Consulting
  • Security Operations Center
  • Cybersecurity-Focused Products
  • And More!

Contact VAAXA for more information on our current offering of security services that can keep your business safe and secure against phishing, ransomware, and more.

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