Cisco + CMMC: Cisco products and CMMC Compliance

Cisco Systems is a worldwide leader in corporate technology that is best known for its computer networking products. This company is responsible for developing hardware, software, telecommunications equipment, and more for businesses across the globe.

A wide variety of organizations have implemented Cisco solutions into their business models, including Department of Defense contractors who handle highly sensitive information. With the new CMMC requirements for DoD contractors regarding cybersecurity, many people are wondering if Cisco solutions offer security products to help them comply.

Find out here in this guide to Cisco’s technology solutions in relation to new CMMC regulations. Learn what steps the company is taking to meet CMMC protocols.

What Is CMMC?

Before we cover Cisco’s compliance status, let’s quickly go over CMMC and what it means for DoD contractors.

CMMC, short for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, is a unified standard for defense contractors on how to implement better cybersecurity practices. In short, contractors will be required to reach a specific certification level (1-5) to determine cyber hygiene and remain eligible for DoD contracts.

The main change that CMMC has brought about is the requirement for security assessments by a third party. Now, contractors must be verified by an accredited CMMC Third Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO) to determine if the organization meets the required maturity level specified in the DoD contract.

You can find out more about the assessment and certification process in our guide to CMMC and CUI

Cisco’s Role in the CMMC Framework

Because of its position as the leader in corporate tech solutions, Cisco has made an active effort to stay on top of cybersecurity – not just for DoD contractors, but for every organization the company provides services to.

For contractors specifically, Cisco understands that implementing healthy security practices is no longer just about staying safe against the growing number of threats; it’s also about staying eligible for current and future contracts.

Changing Goals to Cater to Contractor CMMC Needs

The company has begun to place an emphasis on adding value to its systems so that DoD contractors don’t have to worry about whether or not they’re adhering to CMMC protocols. In a March 2021 report, the tech powerhouse spoke out about their goals for DoD contractors:

“Our goals are to enable you: to protect the Government’s information; to protect and efficiently operate your company’s enterprise; and to ensure compliance and security—all with greater visibility and less effort.”

Another Cisco source on CMMC states that “our goal is to provide DIB companies and organizations with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Cisco integrated networking and security products and solutions for companies on their CMMC journey.”

Cisco’s Integrated Solutions for CMMC Compliance

In terms of the solutions it offers, Cisco’s products and services are the most expansive and the most successful at addressing CMMC requirements. Many of their current solutions are specifically designed to meet and exceed standards across the entire Defense Industrial Base.

But the real question is, how? Well, Cisco’s platform works to connect an organization’s security tools with three unique tasks in mind:

  • Unify visibility
  • Enable automation
  • Strengthen security across the network, users, endpoints, cloud, and apps

Each of these plays a role in meeting CMMC compliance for achieving better cybersecurity hygiene. For example, unified visibility will make gathering the evidence for a CMMC assessment easier, therefore reducing the timeframe for accreditation.

Cisco’s Layered Approach to Security

When your organization implements a Cisco security solution, you’ll have a multifaceted strategy that provides multiple layers of protection at all times.

Not only will the Cisco solutions assess and monitor your organization’s current security status, but it will take measures to make improvements along the way. This layered approach is why Cisco is unmatched in the industry.

To get a better understanding, watch the webinar VAAXA and Cisco put on together.

There are also a number of other resources that Cisco provides to get a better understanding of how Cisco can help you:

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Because the entire paradigm for government security has shifted, Cisco has been working towards helping you stay secure and stay compliant. Not only that, the company has been able to help organizations accomplish this with less effort, less complexity, and greater visibility.

Whether you’re currently utilizing Cisco’s solutions or you plan to in the future, DoD contractors can rest easy knowing that the company is always focusing on new government security regulations, including the ones laid out by CMMC.

Get in touch with VAAXA to learn more about Cisco products, Cisco Trials (including federal versions), CMMC requirements and the necessary steps to reach your desired maturity level.

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