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VAAXA provides a full spectrum of cost-effective services and cybersecurity solutions for businesses and government organizations

Need a Consultation? No Problem

VAAXA offers customers free consultations to discuss their cybersecurity needs

Need a Consultation? No Problem

VAAXA offers customers free consultations to discuss their cybersecurity needs


VAAXA is a division of Firstworld USA, who has been providing IT sales and service to businesses and the government for over 30 years. The overwhelming need for a dedicated division to help businesses and government organizations with security and technology support prompted Firstworld to create this division. It is our goal to provide excellent service and help businesses navigate the difficulties of achieving and maintaining a compliant and secure environment.

VAAXA is an ITS78 Approved Data and Cybersecurity vendor for the State of Massachusetts. 


& Features

Our services are offered nationwide with locations in:

Boston, MA

Baltimore, MD

Charlotte, NC

Our services are offered nationwide with locations in:
Boston, MA - Baltimore, MD - Charlotte, NC

NIST 800-171 Compliance

VAAXA provides compliance services for department of defense contractors still working towards NIST 800-171 compliance. The DFARS 7020 interim rule requires contractors to submit an assessment score to the SPRS system along with a System Security Plan (SSP) and Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&M). We walk clients through these steps to improve their score as a prelude to the up-and-coming CMMC requirements.

CMMC Compliance

VAAXA has expertise in helping Department of Defense contractors prepare for CMMC assessments. We will work with you to align both the technical and cybersecurity aspects of your environment with CMMC requirements. We also assist with the assessment process by gathering and presenting evidence and being available to answer questions during the assessment. VAAXA is also working on becoming a C3PAO in order to offer assessments.

CMMC Managed Services

VAAXA offers Managed Services for DoD contractors. VAAXA is backed by over 30 years of MSP experience. Our methods include using ticketing and remote management solutions that are stored in a CMMC compliant environment. By doing so, we can provide ticketing and remote support even when FCI or CUI is involved. This allows us to support our customers without them having to worry about compliance implications.

Cybersecurity Consulting

VAAXA provides general cybersecurity consulting for any type of business or government organization. VAAXA's experts can analyze any environment and put together a plan to align the business with best practices and zero trust architecture. By doing so we can help business owners and managers know that they are doing everything they can to keep their business protected. Our consulting services also include assessing, planning, and remediation and apply to a variety of businesses, government organizations, IoT, IIoT, SCADA, and more. 


VAAXA provides businesses and government organizations a virtual Chief Information Security Officer. These assigned experts offer their time and insight on a continual part-time basis. The vCISO will address general security, policies, training, and compliance. The vCISO can also assume roles within the organization for compliance purposes.

Penetration Testing

VAAXA offers both external and internal penetration testing and risk assessments. Our services include in-depth vulnerability assessments, manual penetration testing, phishing campaigns, and automated penetration testing depending on the environment. Upon conclusion of the penetration testing, all findings are reported back to the client, by risk level, with recommendations for remediation.

White-Labeled Security Services for MSP's

VAAXA provides cybersecurity solutions for Managed Services Providers to offer to their clients. VAAXA's services can be fully white-labeled and will give any MSP the ability to instantly add a security service offering to their existing product and services set.

Incident Response

VAAXA provides Incident Response for businesses and government organizations. For any type of incident, whether it be a virus, ransomware, or breach, VAAXA's experts will follow industry best practices to manage the response and provide the best possible outcome. 

Security Operations Center (SOC)

VAAXA provides 24x7 SOC services to our clients. This allows us to be proactive rather than reactive, which makes all of the difference when it comes to security incidents. The integration with antivirus, networks, and even Office 365 gives us visibility around the entire technical environment. This allows us to see and block security incidents before they have an opportunity to be successful or spread.

Cloud Security

As more businesses and government organizations migrate towards the cloud with AWS, Azure, and 365, our certified security experts will ensure that your cloud environment is secure and compliant.


VAAXA is a single source for everything relating to cybersecurity. We have reselling agreements in place with major distributors along with reselling partnerships including HP Enterprise, Microsoft, 365 GCC High, Webroot, and Cisco Federal. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss our product set and what solutions we can put together for you. 

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What Do You 

Get by Hiring Us?

Cost Effective

VAAXA has thoroughly researched and assembled efficient and cost-effective solutions to assist businesses to reach their security and compliance goals. Our approach reduces a client's expenses of one-time purchases as much as possible by offering those expenses as a part of our services. VAAXA's services are offered in a streamlined approach to provide a manageable solution that can be supported and maintained.

CMMC experts - RPO

VAAXA understands that CMMC requirements are new for many businesses. Currently, it is being implemented in early 2021 and will be a requirement for all DoD contractors by 2026. VAAXA is here to assist contractors through the process of reaching the compliance requirements. We are a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) with the CMMC-AB and working on becoming a Certified 3rd Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO). With our knowledge, we can provide in-depth insight and guidance to ensure businesses become and remain compliant.

Certified Professionals

VAAXA is a group of seasoned technology and cybersecurity professionals, with industry-standard certificates. Our knowledge ensures businesses will meet their necessary compliance and security requirements. VAAXA understands that changes start at the top and require a major shift in culture in order for a business to be successful.  To help make that happen, we walk businesses through each step of the compliance process at an affordable rate.



Our values are the foundation of our business:
Honesty - Integrity - Reliability

Reliable People

Our team is there for your business, any time and in any way possible. There will always be incidents, questions, and new compliance requirements - we will help you navigate through it all.

Community Involvement

VAAXA has made it one of its priorities to be involved in the cybersecurity community. We want to spread awareness, answer questions, and provide valuable feedback for others from our own personal and professional experiences. Cybersecurity will always be a community-lead effort in order to defend against the bad actors in today's technological world.

Personal Growth

Our team is constantly looking for new ways to increase their cybersecurity knowledge. The landscape for cybersecurity is always changing, our team recognizes that and ensures they are up to date on the latest methodologies and concepts.

Honesty & Integrity

VAAXA's staff will always give you the honest answer, even if it's not always the ideal answer. We value our honesty and integrity above all else.

Long Term Perspective

VAAXA will always focus on the long-term goals. By doing so we will create for your business the most cost-effective route for your business and deliver the end goal in the best way possible.

People Oriented Approach

Our team knows that every business has people behind it. Genuine connections and partnerships are the foundation of what we do.

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